Our Company

WaldoAir was formed in 2013 specifically to address the growing need of 3D imagery supporting Smart Cities, and 5G applications. The founders of Waldo have a distinguished background in sensor system development and operations dating back to the original development of what would eventually become the Applanix DSS and most recently the Google GeoPod.

Low Cost, High Performance

XCAM mounts on virtually any platform, turning your aircraft into a low cost imaging platform. With available FAA/EASA STC certification, integrated mission planning and flight control software, XCAM systems are essentially turn-key.

RGB system prices start at $55,900.00, inclusive of flight control, and mission planning.

WaldoAir’s 4 Main Areas of Business

Disaster Response – WaldoAir systems are used by Civil Air Patrol and FEMA on virtually every large scale disaster in the United States, providing time and cost sensitive data within 24 hours of the onset of the disaster. This data includes 3D models, Ortho-mosaics, Ground based collections and rapid linear feature collections of affected areas.

Pipeline Surveillance – WaldoAir systems are responsible for collection of over 10,000 miles weekly of linear feature data providing critical information to major oil and gas companies which help keep our oil and gas pipelines safe.

Precision Agriculture – Going back to our roots, WaldoAir pilots, flying custom designed WaldoAir systems, fly over 100,000,000 million acres per season across the United States, Canada and South Africa.

Specialized Sensor Development – WaldoAir plays a large part in specialized sensor development for third party industries and countries, developing and providing vital resources and systems which help keep our allies around the world informed and safe.