Pipeline Surveillance

WaldoAir systems help monitor over 10,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines weekly throughout the United States and Canada.

Our systems are responsible for finding unauthorized structures, digging, erosion and leaks. Using daily flights, our systems record data over every inch of the pipeline right-aways, recording valuable information which can be interrogated by artificial intelligence and change detection algorithms. This imagery can then be viewed in near real-time or stored on a server for future use.

The WaldoAir XCAM R systems used for these applications are gimballed and fly a pre-defined linear feature route which is loaded into the Waldo Flight Control System. The XCAM R, using the gimbal, maintains focus on this predefined feature as the pilot flies his usual route. The XCAM R is designed to capture 5cm gsd imagery at 500 ft agl, flying at 130kts.

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