Alan Peck

Alan is our Senior Software Development with over 40 years’ experience. He has extensive hands-on capability for integration of complex digital processing architectures that interface to hardware to solve time- and mission-critical production problems.

WaldoAir – 2019-present – Developed digital camera flight control systems that support production operations in pipeline monitoring, agriculture and disaster response. Developed unique capability to follow complex pre-defined terrestrial paths with camera’s gimballed mechanism directed at the path for surveillance and anomaly detection. Automated post-processing tools for managing multi-TB image processing and data archival.

GeoVantage/Aeroptic 2004 – 2019    Responsible for creation of automation tools for collection, processing and delivery of precision digital aerial imagery for commercial applications.  Directed technical design and integration of navigation, image processing and mosaic delivery systems, speeding up key image processing algorithms 20X, making possible a new paradigm for rapid-response image mosaicking for markets such as agriculture.  Directed Redesign, implementation, and flight testing of real-time airborne data collection systems for improved performance and reliability.  Redesign integrates camera and navigation hardware components, accessing high-bandwidth digital data from various specialized sensor interfaces, merging and synchronizing the data streams for storage and later post-processing.  Responsible for all production software leading to significant growth and GeoVantage’s merger with Aeroptic in 2019.

VistaPrint USA, Inc  2002-2004    Designed and implemented real time scheduler driving automated web-based manufacturing processes, eliminating backend database load and providing level load production 24/7 while achieving better than 98% manufacturing efficiency. By ensuring zero down time, Alan’s solution made it possible for VistaPrint to grow from $30M to a $3B business.

TopicalNet Inc  1997 – 2002   Director of Technology at leading development of two core technologies. His Parallel Engine toolset for accelerating mission critical applications on distributed processors were deployed on the International Space Station project, speeding up telemetry data conversion and flight signal verification (Boeing/NASA) as well as at Prudential Securities for the evaluation of mortgage backed securities portfolios.  Additionally, his automated classification of unstructured text and extraction of metadata, attracted a $100M valuation from Bertelsmann Inc.

PictureTel Corp  1987 – 1997 Pioneered development of Multipoint Videoconferencing Bridges, fielding several generations of a redundantly networkable bridge management product with a common user interface and methodology, allowing PictureTel to build a $60M business around Multipoint Video Bridges.  Also responsible for defining the protocols for multiplexing audio, video and data bit streams, and implementing the Video Transmit and Video Received real time processes that control parallel array processors for video compression and decompression.

Prior to PictureTel, Spent several years as consultant designing and implementing embedded microcontrollers for real time automatic control of machinery for clothing industries.

Received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Cambridge, England — 9 patents granted.