Jessie Summerville

Jessie has extensive experience with information and data management within diverse industries from medical technologies, public school systems, and most recently, aerial imagery services supporting agriculture applications throughout the U.S. Capabilities extend from operation of various database tools, management of TB dataflows from field operations and centralized organization of data onto cloud storage sites.

WaldoAir Corp  2018 – present, Project Manager & Director of Aerial Operations

Responsible for management of aerial imagery data collection activities throughout the continental U.S. Jessie arranges for aircraft and pilots and establishes contractual relationships with each aviation supplier. Typically multiple aircraft/pilots are involved at each site and contracts are customized for local requirements. She provides mission planning for client-specified coverage areas and approximates coverage rate and flight times in order to establish approximate costs. During in-season operations, she maintains regular contact with all pilots and flight computer systems that are installed at airports local to the flight operations. She manages the data upload from the various field computer systems with most data transfer operations highly automated. The overall workflow management process culminates in the datasets being validated and uploaded to Amazon Web Service (AWS).  She maintains communication with all data stakeholders in order to keep clients, contract pilots, and WaldoAir staff apprised of the data collection progress.

Local High School Nurse 2012 – 2018, Manager Medical Operations

Responsible for all medical processes for a major High School in Franklin, TN. Organized all medical records for students and tracked treatment incidents from initial report to final outcome. Because of her dual training in the medical field as well as information sciences, she put in place modern management practices that streamlined previous methods for treatment management. With over 1500 students and instructors, she put in place procedures that streamlined treatment practices that minimized the treatment and reporting timelines while ensuring effective operations of all treatment cycles.

Manager Franklin Skate Shop Operations – 2008 – 2018, Founding Partner

Utilized extreme skateboarding skills to establish and operate a skateboard facility that offered sales, maintenance, and training of all age groups. Store operations included significant sales inventory and repair areas as well as an on-premise training space. Jessie managed book-keeping operations inventory management, purchasing, and oversight of various employees.