Richard Shaver

WaldoAir Corp   2017- present   Manages final assembly and testing of digital camera systems for use in diverse markets such as pipeline surveillance, agriculture, and disaster response. Develops custom manufacturing methods that make use of 3D printing, outsourced electronics PCB manufacturing, outsourced CNC metal fabrication and virtual assembly using CAD concepts. Develop ground and airborne camera test methods for high-volume production.  Participates in the initial design of specialized cameras for custom applications such as multispectral imaging, 3D scene reconstruction, and thermal imaging. Responsible for initial experimental design of proposed camera systems with laboratory testing, custom electronic components, and 3D printed CAD containment structures.  Extensive applications experience with various post-processing methods for creation of 3D scene reconstruction using highly overlapped aerial images. Duties also include field operations to support various client training and support as well as aerial flight operations for data collection efforts.

Central Mapping Solutions (CMS)  2016-present  Founding Partner in operational aerial imaging firm. Prepares mission plans, established camera operations procedures, and conducted aerial collections as pilot/operator. Extensive interactions with clients during proposal activities, price negotiations, and operational planning. Extensive experience with multiple large-format camera systems both in operational use and post-processing using various photogrammetry software suites. In-depth experience in all aspects of aerial photography, photogrammetric procedures, LiDAR mapping, Ortho photo production, mission planning and airborne GPS procedures. During many aerial collections, performed all planning, piloting, and post-processing duties including delivery to the client of the final product.

Ace Aerial Photography 1997-2017 Vice President and chief aerial survey pilot in Oklahoma region. In 2000, General Manager overseeing digital imaging department, with roles as production manager and operations manager. Responsible for integrating digital photogrammetric mapping into this company’s service line including acquiring camera equipment, integration of aircraft systems, and acquisition and training of post-processing tool suites. Formed relationships with off-shore photogrammetric post-processing shops and use these relationships to reduce costs and enhance delivered products. In 2006, he was promoted to Vice President where he was responsible for the management, operation and sales activities.

Pilot Activities 1992 – present   In addition to having 21 years in remote sensing and photogrammetry, he has accumulated more than 6800 flight hours logged, with 3450 of those hours in the capacity of aerial photo pilot. Since 1992, he has maintained a commercial instrument pilot’s rating and is an FAA certified flight instructor with ratings in both multi & single engine aircraft.  He has successfully flown numerous countywide photo projects for the private sector, government agencies, including various Counties and Parishes in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Louisiana.  These projects also included agencies like Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Wildlife and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.